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Entertainment Express: James Gandolfini, Boardwalk Empire, Orson Welles, Arcade Fire, Steven Spielberg


* The last movie James Gandolfini worked on before his death in June will show off a different side to the actor. Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Enough Said, is a romantic comedy from the director behind Lovely & Amazing, and is due out next month.

* It had to be…Nucky. Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, Liza Minelli and Rufus Wainwright are among the musicians who’ve lent their voices to the compilation of music for the new Boardwalk Empire album. It’s the second one, following on from the Grammy-winning first one. The album comes ahead of the new season, which starts next month.

Too Much Johnson, the long-lost 1938 film that’s considered by historians to be Orson Welles first true cinematic venture (conceived even before Citizen Kane) has been found in a warehouse in Italy, and will be shown at Italy’s silent film festival, Porenone in October, before a US release. 

* More Steven Spielberg is coming to your TV screen, or tablet, or whatever device it is used to watch shows these days. Following Under the Dome, which by all accounts is a hit, CBS has ordered a ‘futuristic drama’ series called Extant for next year.

* That there’s a new album coming from Arcade Fire is exciting enough, but add to that the fact the Grammy-winning group is scoring the new Spike Jonze movie, Her, and life just got that much better.

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