Dry The River with Ambassadors

Don’t you just love it when you instantly fall in love with a song and the band that sings it? I randomly came across Dry The River on the net and gave them listen because I liked the sound of their name (sometimes it’s really just as simple as that!) A quick Twitter search showed that they had a gig in New York coming up too – how is that for a bit of musical serendipity.

The story with the British folk-rockers goes that Norwegian singer-songwriter Peter Liddle, inspired by the subjects of Medicine and Anthropology he was studying at college, began to write his own music and play solo shows. He soon met the rest of his band – first punk rock drummer Jon Warren and classically trained violinist William Harvey, and then guitarist and co-songwriter Matthew Taylor, creating a five piece line-up. Cue debut EP The Chamber and The Valves, performing with the likes of Plan B, Paloma Faith and The Magic Numbers, and a debut single release from Transgressive Records, and you’re a little more up to speed on the group than I was when I first pressed the play button.

But to get to know them better, see Exhibit A below, the video for No Rest, a track that starts out threatening nothing more than a gentle wash-over, but crescendos into a wave of emotion. The video pairs physical discomfort with the distress of love-forlorn, and I think it’s truly moving.

Dry The River performed a small, last-minute show on Sunday night at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn, and they are in the US recording their album in Connecticut. I look forward to its release, and seeing them perform again soon.

Another act I can’t wait to see again, is the great Brooklyn-based band called Ambassadors, who supported DTR. They have a manic lead singer who plays both the drums and the bass, and has such an arresting presence on stage. Listen to the track Unconsolable on their Myspace and then imagine listening to those drums live. It’s a song that spits in your face while lodging itself in your head.


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