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The Creators Project in Dumbo

Art, music, film. The only thing that’s better than these three things on their own, is these three things combined. Add in a set by Florence & the Machine under the Manhattan Bridge and I was sold on a visit… Continue Reading →

Pearl Jam Twenty

If a band’s story lied only within their songs – their music and lyrics – there would be little need for the job of a music journalist to flesh out the parts that would, in most cases, be left uncovered…. Continue Reading →

Dry The River with Ambassadors

Don’t you just love it when you instantly fall in love with a song and the band that sings it? I randomly came across Dry The River on the net and gave them listen because I liked the sound of… Continue Reading →

Lira, meet New York. New York, meet Lira

She’s already made legions of South African hearts happy with her soulful voice and striking stage performance so it’s only natural that Lira would want to extend a little of that love to the rest of the world. Her 4… Continue Reading →

Surrendering to the Sound: U2 in New Jersey

You can know all the facts about the U2 360 Degree tour and its signature stage, the “claw”. That it’s a 90-foot tall steel structure, designed to support 180 tons. That it takes four days to build. That it’s allowed… Continue Reading →

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