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Hello, New York

I thought I would somehow leave Michael Jackson behind when I left Los Angeles. Not sure why I thought this, but I was soooo wrong. I went to get something to eat just after arriving in the City. Stepped into… Continue Reading →

Moving On…

I managed to miss my flight to New York yesterday morning. I overslept. It was probably bound to happen considering I have had so little sleep in the past week. But it’s okay, because it gave me some time to… Continue Reading →

Remembering Michael Jackson – The Memorial

I almost can’t believe it is over. The memorial and funeral of Michael Jackson. The story itself is, of course, still far from being done. I’ve been working in two time zones so I am feeling the effects of it… Continue Reading →

4th of July

In amidst all the Michael Jackson madness, Americans still managed to celebrate the 4th of July. Well, most of them anyway. I went back to the Encino family home and couldn’t believe there were still so many people coming to… Continue Reading →

En Route to Neverland?

I am waiting at Washington Dulles International Airport for the next flight out to Los Angeles. A storm delayed my flight from SA, so I missed my connecting one out of here. I had planned out what I would do… Continue Reading →

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