Cape Town Fashion Week

Refresh. Revive. Renew.
This has been the theme of Cape Town Fashion Week, showcasing the ready-to-wear collections for Spring and Summer. Thanks to the lovely people at AFI, I have been here in the Mother City, and get to witness the collections and work in the city for a few days. As a former resident, I am a fan of Cape Town, and feel it is good for one’s nerves to work from here for a little bit every once in a while. Although, I still seem to bring my Joburg-ness with me – aggravated driving-style and all!

So, the big highlight on opening night was Kluk CGDT celebrating 10 years in the industry. The design duo of Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel du Toit reflected over their past decade and looked forward to the future in their collection. It left me wanting to gather all those dresses up off the runway and into my arms so that I could take them back to my Joburg cupboard. Gorgeous materials and even more gorgeous flowing dresses.

These are some of my faves:

Joburg-based label Stoned Cherrie also celebrated a decade in the fashion world at CT Fashion Week. Nkhensani Nkosi was meant to show this collection during the World Cup, but the game between Uruguay and Ghana put a spanner in the works of that so we had the chance to see it here. And it was worth the wait! Nkhensani put a spin on some of the Cherrie classics and gave us some cute new items too.

Some of the items are available through a partnership Stoned Cherrie has done with Foshini called Love Movement, which is fantastic news! Now as for all the rest of the items I covet, a big bank balance is required!
Here are some of my favourites out of the up-and-coming talent…
Black Coal

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