And The Nominees Are…

This year it feels like it’s taking forever for the Oscar nominees to be announced. In reality, it’s just as it has always been: the announcement comes on a Tuesday about four weeks ahead of the glitzy ceremony. And today is that day.

2010’s Best Supporting Actress winner Mo’nique will, together with Academy President Tom Sherak, take the stage in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater to reveal the nominees for 10 categories:  Leading Actor, Leading Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Animated Feature Film, Directing, Foreign Language Film, Adapted Screenplay, Original Screenplay and Best Picture.


As mentioned previously, we’re holding thumbs for Life, Above All for a Best Foreign Language nod. It stands a strong chance of going through to the nominations stage, after making it to the shortlist of 9.

As for the link between the recent Golden Globes and the upcoming Oscars, LA Times awards blog ran the numbers to find out just how accurately the Globes have “predicted” winners at the Oscars in years gone by. It found that in the last 6 years, only once has the same movie won the top trophy at both award ceremonies: Slumdog Millionaire. Over the past 65 years though, the two have agreed on best picture a majority of times. The site goes on to say that over the last several decades, the overlap is about 60-70% in the acting races. So we could be looking at a list that closely resembles the one drawn up for the Globes, give or take a few names. Plus, of course, the added bonus of having five more Best Picture contenders too.

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