I’m a journalist who’s a runner. I’m a runner who’s a journalist.
If you couldn’t care less about who Rob Kardashian is dating, or how much weight Mama June has or hasn’t lost, then you’ve come to the right place. Culture on the run.
Miss Ntertainment is me, Nadia Neophytou, a Professional Name-Dropper, who interviews musicians and movie stars, watches theatre and TV, reads books – all to keep on top of entertainment news, as I see it, ie, not gossip.
Born in Benoni, the same little town where South African Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron is from, I’ve been a journalist for a over a decade, which makes me sound old, but really I’m only just getting started. A South African in both attitude and accent, I moved to New York City in late 2010 on a dream and a wish to have lunch with Meryl Streep. I’ve interviewed the likes of Oprah (faaaabuuulousss), Forest Whitaker (insightful), Hugh Jackman (always a gentleman), Sarah-Jessica Parker (Carrie!), Joaquin Phoenix (not as scary as you think) and yes, Meryl Streep (although it was over brownies and not lunch, but, as mentioned before, I’m only getting started).
I’ve covered the Cannes Film Festival, the Oscars, the Sundance Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and San Diego Comic Con, as well as Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Concert in New York, and the Royal Wedding and the Queen’s Jubilee in London, to name a few.
In 2007, I received the Nedbank Arts Journalist of the Year award, and in 2013, I was a finalist in the National Arts Festival/BASA Arts Journalism Awards.
My writing has appeared in the Mail and Guardian, The Times of London, City Press, GQ, Marie Claire and the Sunday Times. I’ve produced and presented TV inserts for The Showbiz Report, V-Entertainment TV and the current affairs show 3rd Degree. I report regularly for Eyewitness News, a major news network in South Africa, and travel around the world in search of good stories to tell.  
When I’m not working on entertainment news worth knowing, I’m running marathons. I’ve completed 7 so far, with my best time of 3:26:52 achieved during the 2017 Boston Marathon – who knew! As someone who grew up hating running because I was so bad at it, this just proves anything in this life is possible!