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A Claymation Story

While I was in Cannes, I got to check out a group of very talented young directors that took part in a project called Straight 8. They made short movies using a single roll of super 8mm film, with absolutely no editing.  There were about 12 films from around the world, and no-one had seen these films until on the night – including the filmmakers themselves. There were some really fantastic and creative films, including one that featured a scene on a Cape Town beach with some Savannah ciders!

One guy in particular who struck my eye was Lee Hardcastle. With his thick Leeds accent, he was carrying around a suitcase with him the whole time. Of course, the journalist in me had to ask what was inside…








Yup – a spare pair of underpants. For the superhero in him perhaps…but when you meet Mr Hardcastle, it all makes sense. He’s a little wacky, a little too familar with plasticine blood for my liking, but his claymation is fantastic. His entry into Straight 8 was titled A Claymation Zombie, which is kind of Natural Born Killers meets those little cartoon plasticine kiddies shows we used to watch – although this is not for young eyes! You can see the video on his site, but he’s also done this music video too, which I just love!


It took 2336 photographs to create this Nightmare music video claymation, and it was made on a 60 Euro budget. Lee was influenced by the NES Game Sweet Home and The Evil Dead. Plus, one of the characters is played by (real ghostbusters’) Egon Spengler!

The band is Love Automatic, and they happen to be playing in NYC soon so I hope to check them out.

For some reason, this video made me think of Gregoire Pinard, the Joburg filmmaker who, a few years ago, created this video for Placebo’s English Summer Rain. It was sent to them, they liked it, and made it the official video. Enjoy!

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