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Flying into Heathrow, I was greeted by the headline Kate to Say I  Do Live on You Tube in the Evening Standard. So, you mean I didn’t need to make the 6-hour trek after all? Ah, but it’s just not the same as actually being here. Even though our web-savvy couple are truly embracing social media for all it has to offer, I am actually looking forward to experiencing the madness in the flesh!








I’ve started playing a game called “Spot the Souvenir” and will be taking pics of all the items that are on sale to commemorate the occasion. I’m hoping to find something as unique (and as odd) as the woolly couple one can knit.

Of course I had to get one of these for all the travelling I will be doing:

Using it, I headed off to Westminster Abbey to see how things are looking over there. There were two queues snaking around both entrances to the Abbey, going all the way around both sides of the building. Some people were there purely because it’s a one-thousand-year old cathedral with so much history, while others were there because they wanted to see the venue for the Royal Wedding. One couple from Japan told me, in broken English, that they had got married a month ago and heard the Wedding would be happening here so they wanted to have a look at the place. A family from Germany was determined to get inside even though they were quite far at the back of the queue and the Abbey was closing early, ahead of Maundy Thursday and the Queen’s birthday.


The Abbey will be closed to the public for Maundy Thursday, which happens to take place on The Queen’s 85th Birthday (where she’ll be handing out alms to 85 men and 85 women). It will open again for Easter and close again on Tuesday until the big day.


Inside, people are working on making the Abbey looking its very best.



And of course, there are loads of official souvenirs inside too. I couldn’t resist getting a mug – I actually was in the market for a new one!


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