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4th of July

In amidst all the Michael Jackson madness, Americans still managed to celebrate the 4th of July. Well, most of them anyway. I went back to the Encino family home and couldn’t believe there were still so many people coming to pay their respects. I spoke to a lady who couldn’t stop crying and said that as a little girl she always thought she would marry Michael.

The Williams family travelled together to come pay their own personal tribute.

The crowds

There are also still loads of tributes on Michael’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On Friday morning there was a press conference at the Staples Centre about one of the issues that’s had people talking about – the funeral details. The family spokesperson Ken Sunshine said the family was concerned about making sure the fans got to be a part of the experience.

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  1. I thought the MJ tribute today was both emotional and moving. Great John Mayer performance! It is so cool that you get to travel all over the world for the latest entertainment stories. My dream job……

    Enjoy your blog!

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