Year 2016

African Film at the Toronto Film Festival

This story first appeared in The Sunday Times. The line of people wrapped around the building and carried on across the street. It wasn’t for Arrival, the new science-fiction offering sure to have Academy Award members talking about Amy Adams… Continue Reading →

The 2016 Global Citizen Festival – Rihanna, Kendrick & Co

There was a moment during this past weekend’s Global Citizen Festival when I looked back over the crowd stretched out across Central Park – 60 000 or so people – and I felt my jaw drop, in the very real… Continue Reading →

Highlights from the Toronto Film Festival #TIFF16

My time at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was unfortunately shorter than usual, on account of being an in-demand journalist (ha, just kidding, but I did have another assignment that required me to be in Los Angeles) and so… Continue Reading →

Florence Foster Jenkins

Originally published in The Star Tonight. 40 years ago, Meryl Streep couldn’t have known, when she joined college friends in having a laugh over a recording by a person dubbed the world’s worst opera singer, that she herself would one… Continue Reading →

The Keeper at the New Museum

When you move a lot, you tend to downsize a lot. For me, there was no bigger downsize than coming from South Africa to the US. Somehow, with the help of a very meticulous friend, I squashed 29 years of life life into… Continue Reading →

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