Year: 2015

Film, Music

Of Mommy and Girlhood

Two of my favourite movies from last year are now being released in the US, and shortly in South Africa too. They happen to be somewhat linked by their titles, which follow on quite perfectly from each other if you’re a fan of wordplay, and you could say they both deal with identity and growing […]


What The Academy Did Next

After Thursday morning’s announcement of this year’s Oscar nominees, there has been a lot of backlash, more so than usual. There’s no pleasing everyone, so it goes, but this year it feels the backlash is rightly so. It seems that it’s a case of one step forward, two steps backwards – all the solid steps […]

Film, TV

Boyhood at the Golden Globes

Cue Hero the theme song that plays during the masterpiece that is Boyhood, this year’s Golden Globe winner for Best Picture in the Drama category. This film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January last year, so it seems a little like it’s been around for ever and has been overhyped a lot. Well, it […]