Month June 2015

Seinfeld’s Apartment Re-Created

The nostalgia is real. Jurassic World, the Ghostbusters all-female re-boot, The X-Files return, and so many more pop culture throwbacks are being revived for our collective pleasure right now. Perhaps it’s the comfort of going back to something that once… Continue Reading →

A Shoreditch Street Art Walk

I usually like to run to street art pieces but I found myself in London visiting my Dad and brother, and having a post-lunch walk around Shoreditch. I used the time as an opportunity to go exploring with them, looking… Continue Reading →

Athol Fugard’s The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek

Athol Fugard has long been a cultural hero of mine, and any South African who has appreciated his story-telling abilities knows the role he’s played in spurring discussions around race and our country’s difficult past. But seeing his most recent… Continue Reading →

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