Brandon Flowers Returns

One of the things I love the most about living in New York is that you can hear a new song by an artist you like in the morning and that very same day, in the evening, you can hear said song performed live. That much was true on Tuesday, for fans both of Brandon Flowers and Action Bronson, who each released new tracks, and took to Webster Hall and Terminal 5, respectively, to show them off.
I’m a true blue Brandon Flowers fan so after listening to Can’t Deny My Love a few dozen times, that’s where I ended up – once I’d done a few laps around the East River Track (two weeks to go until I run the Paris Marathon!) This was the second time I’d seen Brandon perform his solo material. It was almost five years ago when the Killers frontman came out with Flamingo, and I went to see him perform at the Hammerstein Ballroom on my second night in the city.
For Tuesday night’s show he opened with a new track, Dreams Come True, which is also set to be the opening track of the new album, The Desired Effect. He hopped straight into his debut single, Crossfire (which used to be my ringtone in the days when we still did that). “We’ve been coming here for 11 years, and I still get intimidated by this place,” he mused about NYC, before adding: “But I also love it.” His set was upbeat and uplifting, as he gave us a smattering of new songs Digging up the Heart and Can’t Deny My Love. Whether he’s talking about love for his wife, or his family, or his Killers bandmates, Can’t Deny carries a certain passion and it soars along with his falsetto. He performed a few more Flamingo tracks too.”I’ve told this story many times before, but I’ll tell it again, just in case you don’t know it,” he said, before declaring we should all go on a journey like the one described in Magdalena. We also got a fair number of Killers tracks, or “covers” as he called them – Read My Mind, Human, the Thin White Duke version of Mr Brightside (how come I NEVER tire of hearing that song?)
The night marked a welcome return to the solo life, for now, for the singer. His synthesized pop sensibilities and heart-on-his-sleeve-smile continue to win me over. Which has become harder to do now that training for a marathon has all but taken over my life. I want to write something like, “I can’t deny my love for him” but that would be too cheesy now, wouldn’t it? And anyway, you get my point.

The Desired Effect releases on May 19th. 

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